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Card – important information

1. Scope of benefits

The Golf Card enables the card holder to play a fixed amount of greenfees with the Golf Card partner courses, when initially paying a singular purchasing price (depending on the amount of greenfees desired), considering the general pre-conditions and specific stipulations of the respective golf course.

2. Validity

The Golf card is valid in every partner-course, which is shown in the annual Golf Guide (every Golf Alpin point of sale). You are not able to play 9 hole laps on golf courses with 18 holes (or more). The Golf Card is valid starting from the purchase till the end of the following golfseason. Please mind the operation time of the respective golf course.

The acquirer has the right to return the Golf Card, which has not been (fully) played off during the above given period, to get a partial refund of the purchasing price. The refunded amount is the purchasing price, less the already drawn on greenfees. Those greenfees will be calculated with the regular greenfee price of the very day, the greenfees have been played. In case of improper return, we charge a handling fee of 10%, generated from the amount to be refunded.

3. Point of sale

You can obtain your personal Golf Alpin card from each Golf Alpin partner course, as well as from authorised hotels and businesses, showing a guest card of the region.

4. Loss, alternate

The Golf Card point of sale does not sign liable for loss or theft of your Golf Card and there is accepted no claim for an alternate or payback of the purchase price.

5. General course rules

The general golf rules and the respective rules of the golfcourse (which are proclaimed on the spot by means of bulletin) are binding for every user.

6. Current value

The current value of your Golf Card (the number of greenfees left on the card) may be requested with every Golf Card point of sale respectively when calling the Golf Card hotline. It is also shown on the web under (you need to register yourself by means of the User ID and the pin code, which is written on the card holder you get along with the purchase of your Golf card).

7. Misuse

Any misuse of the Golf Card, especially its usage by not authorised persons, causes its recollection without substitute and the end of its validity.

8. Earnest

There’s a singular earnest of EUR 5.- when purchasing the Golf Card. These EUR 5.- are being paid back within a month on the return of the exhausted Golf Card. The Golf Card selling point reserves the right to not pay back the earnest, in case of returning the Golf Card damaged due to improper handling.

9. Technical failure of the card

In the event of a technical failure of the Golf Car, the holder is asked to immediately inform the very Golf Card point of sale, from which the card has been procured. The selling point does only sign liable in case of original damage and technical defects of the chip card or the card reader, providing the proper handling and custody.

10. Questions

Please call +43 (0662) 890 909 in case of questions regarding the Golf Card or send an Email to

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